PXH Business Rules

This extension offers a unique recording  and handling of changes in your PXH Exports

  • Smart: PXH has a smart delta update detection. With the delta mode the consuming systems can request a delta to any previous call.
    The source of the change does not matter (in the data, in translations, a new field in the schema, a change in an embedded object, …).
    PXH will detect it and return all the related objects as changes.
  • Deletes: All deleted / removed elements can be streamed with their last version, or just their identifiers.
  • Push: PXH periodically pushes all changed objects for a PXH Export.
    The target can be e.g., a web hook or a message broker (e.g., Kafka or RabbitMQ).
    It can also be defined how many objects should be combined.